“do not underestimate smiling faces”

Mental Health Awareness Month. Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month. I’ve been ok, as you could have guessed by my absence. I have also been super busy, new job, studying etc. Life just gets in the way. I was told they have enough people in my age range for the study so they will let me know if another one comes up. This annoyed me, I just really want to help but I feel like no one really wants to help me. It’s like “You have your results. You’re not symptomatic. Get on with it.” But I want to speak to symptomatic people. I want to gain knowledge and experience. Even Scott seems to have pushed it aside. I leave books around and send him articles… “Thats good news” “you’re reading ANOTHER book on it” is all I get. If I don’t bring it , it isn’t spoken about and I am bored of being the only interested one. 

Mums MH hasn’t been great so we have been looking after her. She crumbled a bit but the Drs have said she is still non-symptomatic still! 60 years old, amazing. 

This month be extra nice – don’t underestimate smiling faces, we never know what they’re hiding. Happy MH & HD awareness month! xoxo