I’ve not been very active,

sorry! Life just gets in the way sometimes, as everyone knows. Feeling a bit tired but quite excited for Christmas now it’s here, we get to tell my partners little one that she is going to be a big sister! That’s super exciting, she’s been starting to pick up on me feeling unwell and asking why my trousers hurt my tummy so it is really nice to finally be able to get her involved in everything.

Baby moved yesterday for the first time and oh my word did it make me feel light headed. I can’t be the only person to experience feeling so faint after the first time, surely? Every symptom you could possibly have through pregnancy – I’ve managed to suffer with. Sickness, nausea, eczema.. you name it! Thank God everything is starting to clear up now! Hoping I’ll be human again after 20 weeks! Waiting for a letter for a Heart Echo to check my heart operation from waaaay back is all good to go and won’t cause an issue – shouldn’t do, they’re just ticking all the boxes. They want me to go for another Genetic Counselling session with another neurologist about my HD to double check I know the risks of not testing the foetus etc. but I saw my neurologist when I turned about 8 weeks pregnant, and went through it all with him, he did a few motor skill and memory tests to make sure I was 100% and talked me through the testing and we decided together not to have the baby tested, so I don’t really want to go through all that rubbish again with a neurologist who doesn’t know me or my history etc, if I had any issues I could call mine! So I doubt very much I will be attending that meeting. I’m very certain we don’t need the test, like I said in my previous post, I have no intention of aborting the baby if it came back gene positive and I am hopeful enough science will have a miracle by the time me and my baby need it!

Does anyone else feel this away about having the baby tested? Or do you all feel like you would want to know? Opinions would be great!

Hope everyone is well and I hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas, all my love xoxo