i’m having a baby!


Due 25/05/18, two days before my 24th birthday! I find out the sex mid-January. I can’t find the words to describe how excited I am. I have made the decision to not have the baby tested and to allow him to make it’s own decision when old enough to do so. I won’t hide anything about Huntington’s Disease from this child, I will be open and honest from the moment he is old enough to understand.  My mother is 62 in March’18 and although hasn’t started showing symptoms yet, will more than likely begin to be symptomatic throughout babies childhood, and I’ll have to explain what is wrong with Nan anyway, but I don’t want HD to be brushed under the carpet anymore – no one in my family, except me, speaks about it. It is still so taboo and I want to help break that by teaching my child as soon as I can. I have enough faith in Science and Medicine to trust and believe that by the time I even begin to develop symptoms there will more breakthroughs in treatment, let alone IF my child begins too.

Anyway, sort of depressing HD stuff out the way – I’m having a baby and I am super excited!